TL;DR: Swamp Dragon Gets a Cookie

Session Six - Group A

Don't you know,-

Party Highlights

  • Began in: Randel’s Marsh gates
  • Ended in: Other side of Randel’s Marsh, by Babel’s cart
  • Group members: Baldrick Ironshield, Heskan, Kava
  • Welp, the fog ate Ancola & Lucien; wonder where they went to?
  • No plant is safe! They all deserve fire!
  • Whisper whisper, “secret” secrets
  • “We didn’t burn down the whole town… Just a part of it.” – Kava, dealing with a shambling mound
  • Introductions: “I” and her Shadow (link to be added once character is properly “met”)
  • Other Adventures: Group B & Solo Adventures

Outstanding Missions

  1. Deal with the swamp dragon problem (for Zonori)
  2. Adventure!
  3. Keep two swamp dragons to test for Kalibar
  4. So what’s the deal with the dagger anyway? We keeping this thing?
  5. Coven Conundrums
  6. Check for survivors of Randel’s Marsh
  7. BONUS: Sending a table back to [Ballun Hound Inn] (should be getting there soon!)
  8. Back burner: Bandit Queen’s in Fleetwood

DM Highlights

  • Real life tries to stop a session? Screw you, reality! I decide when we play!
  • Suspense is fun; I should abuse use it more!
  • What do you call a group of shambling mounds? A grove? A heap?



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