TL;DR: Swamp Dragon Gets a Cookie

Session Six - Group B

-you never split the party!

Party Highlights

  • Began in: Randel’s Marsh gates
  • Ended in: Other side of Randel’s Marsh, by Babel’s cart
  • Group members: Ancola Cloke & Telly, Lucien, Bobomb
  • Who turned on the sepia filter & why can’t our party see us? Oh wait, a cookie!
  • You see us fighting these blights, fern? You gonna give us trouble?!
  • Hello, tiny child. Do you happen to know a guy named Kaycen?
  • “Dry land is horrible & plants are evil!” – Ancola, with regards to the blights & shambling mounds
  • Introductions: Xodda Palefang, Ira, “I” and her Shadow (link to be added once character is properly “met”)
  • Other Adventures: Group A & Solo Adventures

Outstanding Missions

  1. Deal with the swamp dragon problem (for Zonori)
  2. Adventure!
  3. Keep two swamp dragons to test for Kalibar
  4. So what’s the deal with the dagger anyway? We keeping this thing?
  5. Coven Conundrums
  6. Check for survivors of Randel’s Marsh
  7. BONUS: Sending a table back to [Ballun Hound Inn] (should be getting there soon!)
  8. Back burner: Bandit Queen’s in Fleetwood

DM Highlights

  • This DM is mobile now, rejoice!
  • Suspense is fun; I should abuse use it more!
  • What other things can I make secretly evil?



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